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This resource contains information for active and prospective CodingNomads Mentors.

If you're already a CodingNomads mentor, use the Search docs feature in the top left corner to look for answers. For quick info, check out the tl;dr page: Mentorship Practical Tips.

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Mentor Application

If you are new to this page and you are interested in mentoring for CodingNomads, please start by watching this short introductory video:

To apply for working with us, please keep on reading below.

Step-by-Step Application Process

Follow these links step-by-step to gather all the info related to being a CodingNomads Mentor.

This information will be updated as we expand our mentorship program , and we will notify you of any changes that need attention.

  1. Requirements to Become a CodingNomads Mentor
  2. What to do if you're a new Mentor and a quicklink to the Mentor Onboarding Tasks
  3. CodingNomads Mentorship Process
  4. Labs & Projects
  5. How to be a great Mentor
  6. Tools for Mentors
  7. Our CodingNomads Mentor Community
  8. Payment Information
  9. Student Support Checklist
  10. Questions? Check our FAQs
  11. Feedback and Suggestions
  12. Links to bookmark
  13. Get started communicating with your student

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