#StayAtHome Mentorship Program - Mentor Application

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Solidarity in the time of COVID-19

About This Program: CodingNomads #StayAtHome Mentorship Program is a free service that pairs voluntary mentors with people who lost their jobs due to COVID-19, and who would like to explore new skills. This is an experimental program, and we are in the early phase of rolling it out. The program leverages our network and community to connect skilled mentors with motivated learners. Our goal and our hope is to help people use their time at home for education, to emerge from this crisis with more connections and new skills. You can help by volunteering just one hour of your time per week for four short weeks. Read more details below

We'd love for you to volunteer for this program if
  • 💻 You have technical skills that you'd like to share
  • ⏱ You can spare 1 hour (or more) of your time per week
  • 😷 You want to help people affected by COVID-19

📚 I don't know programming but want to learn

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By submitting this application you agree to CodingNomads #StayAtHome Mentorship privacy policy. Simply put, to apply for this program we collect your name, email address and a bit of information about your skills and experience. We use this information to communicate with your about the #StayAtHome mentorship program, and to connect you with your student/mentor. We will only share your information with your student. No cookies are placed, no ads are served.

Give What You Can - No Strings Attached: There is absolutely no contractual obligation for becoming a volunteer mentor. However, for the students’ sake we are asking that you commit to at least 4 weeks of mentorship, 1 meeting per week - a total of only 4 hours of your time. We understand that your situation can change, but for the time being please indicate how long you think you will be able to help, and for how many students. We are happy to guide you and instruct you on how to go about working with your student(s). Mentoring students can be a great experience!
More Information About This Program

Why We're Launching This Program Now: Millions of people worldwide are facing dire straits due to workplaces closing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-isolation currently seems to be the most effective way to slow the outbreak, lighten the load on our public health system, and save lives. However, self-isolation forces many people to make an impossible choice between staying home and forgoing necessary income, versus potentially spreading the virus and continuing to go to work. Many essential workers are continuing to go to work and are helping to keep our communities as stable and safe as possible. Many others were not even given the chance to make that choice, and are now unemployed and without income due to lock-downs and the unfolding economic crisis.

Help Others Learn Tech Skills: Simply having technical skills will not solve the economic and societal problems we are currently facing, but it can help some people to put themselves in a more stable position, and gives us all the opportunity to help build more sustainable systems for our communities. In terms of financial stability, tech jobs are still some of the best paid and most in-demand positions in many places around the world, and they can give many people the opportunity to work remotely. Being able to create value remotely and get paid even during a situation like the current COVID-19 lock-downs is a privilege that we would like to make as available as possible to affected workers.

Who Is Eligible For This Program: As a mentor, if you have demonstrable skills and work experience in any technical role related to software design and development, and you'd like to share those skills with eager learners, then we'd love to hear from you. As a student, this program is open to people who have recently lost work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are committed to self-isolating to flatten the curve. If you are interested in finding a mentor, please click here. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please apply through this form.

You Can Make A Difference: By giving just 1 hour of your time per week per student, your mentorship can have a positive impact in someone's life. Learning new technical skills is not easy, and we know from experience that having a mentor to talk things over with on a regular basis can make all the difference. This is where you come in. You can help someone get started in tech by being at their side for 1 month, or more if you can. 4 hours of your time can help change someone’s life for the better. Click here for even more info.